NDIS Accessibility Solutions

NDIS Accessibility Solutions 2020-05-12T15:47:54+10:00

DoorForce is proud to be a registered provider through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS. We work directly with Occupational Therapists and people with disabilities to create accessibility solutions that greatly improve safety and quality of life for our clients. 

DoorForce offers free consultations, product manuals and quotes to occupational therapists regarding the potential development of solutions for clients. We take great pride in working directly with occupational therapists and people with disabilities to develop the optimal access solution. We have an ever-growing network of Occupational Therapists that regularly recommend our product to their clients. 

We can provide a complete automatic door system to suit each individual person’s abilities, breaking down the barriers they have in their own home.

Automated Doors

Sliding doors around the home such as patio doors, security screens, and bathroom doors can easily be automated using the iDoor Autoslide domestic door system. This system can be fitted to existing doors or supplied with a track to fit your own custom-made door.  This sophisticated motor drive system can even be used to open and close sliding windows.

Swing doors are also able to be automated. The iSwing door operator can be fitted to most home doors, converting it from a manually operated door to an accessible automatic door. The system is versatile and can be modified to come with either both push or pull drive arms.

Access Control Features

Every door we install is completely versatile and we work with the client, occupational therapists, and relevant medical professionals to create an efficient and sophisticated solution.

  • Push Button

Wall-mounted buttons can be used to open doors wirelessly via radio transmission, or hardwired to the operator if necessary. 

  • Wireless Remote Control

Handheld remote controls can open, close, lock, and unlock doors. 

  • Sensors

Overhead mounted activation sensors use infrared beams or microwaves to open the doors when they are approached. 

  • Smart App

The Smart App can control up to four different doors or windows from your phone or tablet. 

  • Proximity Sensors

A proximity transmitter mounted to a wheelchair can be detected from 1 to 3 meters away from the door, potentially allowing selective use of the door to just the one who needs it. 

  • Wireless Keypads

Digital Keypads allow secure access to users whilst the doors are locked. 

  • Electric Locking 

High-Security electronic locking is available for all systems to ensure home security is a priority. 

  • Battery UPS

A lithium battery UPS back-up power supply ensures that the door operates for up to 28 hours after a power failure or blackout.