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If you work in the construction industry and are looking for an automatic door solution to supply to your client or to your business, look no further.

At DoorForce, we work closely with many different customers; glaziers, aluminium fabricators, builders, architects, carpenters, project managers, interior designers. engineers  and more to provide customized access solutions that provide a high level of value for the minimum cost.

More than ever, Automatic Doors are an industry standard for construction of commercial properties and shopfronts. DoorForce can help you reach that standard by supplying you or your business with an operator and the commissioning for it.

Continue reading to learn about a selection of our high-demand range of direct-to-fabricator products.


The iDoor Operator is a world-class sliding door operator that provides efficient, precise performance at a cost-effective price. When coupled with two microwave motion sensors, the iDoor operator can be used to create a fully automatic sliding door that opens when users approach and close behind them.

Featuring a whisper-quiet reinforced fibre-toothed belt-driven motor and all controller and computer features contained within one module, the iDoor is both sophisticated and practical.  Boasting high standards of energy-efficient power usage, electronic locking, and no exposed wiring, the iDoor is an elegant and safe solution.


The iSwing Automatic Door operator offers a simple and elegant solution for automation of swinging doors. The iSwing operator is almost completely silent and has a streamlined design, blending in perfectly to any environment, and its small height of just 80mm means it is easily able to be fitted to a header made of two standard 400 series frames.

The operator also boasts electronic locking, which increases safety in both day-to-day operation and in emergency situations. It also has an optional Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system, meaning that it will always operate, even when the power is out.

Cavity Slider

A Cavity Slider allows a door or pair of doors to slide into a cavity in the wall, making a seamless transition between open and closed. Rather than the door being visible when open, the door slides into a custom-made recess in the wall, improving the appearance of your access solution.

As with all our access solutions, the Cavity Slider is custom made to meet your needs and is fully compliant with all relevant building codes. The cavity slider can come as either single sliding or as a bi-parting door and can be supplied to you fully assembled or in a compact kit, perfect for internal transportation.

The Cavity Slider kit includes the frame, sidelight frame to suit 12mm gyprock panels, track, and the automatic door operator. We are also able to supply the door or doors if you require it.

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