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Would you like to make life easier around the home for you or someone you care about?

Did you know that existing doors, screen doors and security doors can be modified and automated – you don’t necessarily need to purchase a new door. existing internal sliding doors can also be automated to make life easier.

There are many benefits to automatic doors and windows:

  • Easy to entertain – carry trays, food and drinks through doors with ease
  • Easy to activate with a wide range of options
  • Pet mode sensors allows doors to open and slide for pets
  • People with special needs such as the elderly, disabled and people with other care requirements can have greater automated access
  • Can link up to other home automation products e.g. lights, air-conditioning

We offer the broadest range of automation products on the market today.

External Doors

Our iSwing residential door systems combine a secure door system with stylish/slimline design and the latest sensor technology – representing high quality at an affordable price.

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Internal Doors

Our CavSlider door provides seamless retraction into walls with safe/quiet operation and space saving design advantages in restricted rooms.

Stacking Doors/Moveable Walls

If your premises require moveable walls or room dividers we can customise these automated access options for you. Options are available in various materials with choices in remote activation/sensors. Quiet operation and the latest features are critical components to all of our access solutions.

Pet Doors

Pets can have their own personalised access (to size) whilst still ensuring your home is secure. Our access options include the latest sensor technology, quiet operation and can include modifying existing doors rather than new installations. Alternatively we can provide custom pet access to suit your needs.

Sliding Windows

Creating easy access for the elderly and busy people can enhance the quality of life.