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The TouchFree package is offered by DoorForce specifically to increase the safety of your customers and your staff from potential biological hazards. Manually opened doors are awash with dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants. With the DoorForce TouchFree package, the system is entirely hands-free.

Using advanced sensors to detect proximity and automated doors that operate completely independently of physical interaction, the TouchFree package ensures a higher standard of hygiene than a standard door system.

The TouchFree package means peace of mind for business owners. With a far lower risk of outside contamination, your business, your staff, and your customers can be protected from any potential biological hazards.

Why wait to protect your business, staff and customers?

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The TouchFree Package is highly versatile and can be modified to meet your needs and the needs of your organization. Our highly experienced team will ensure that the solution you receive will be personalized to give you the optimal user experience. Read on to learn the specifics about our two most installed packages.

The TouchFree Slide package from DoorForce is a sophisticated access solution that combines style with practicality, by ensuring everyone who walks through the doors is both safe from surface contaminants and impressed by the ease of access. Automatically sliding doors lend a sense of professionalism and grace to the entryway of your business. Coupled with state of the art microwave proximity sensors, you can greatly reduce the risk of transferring biological hazards through surface contact.

The TouchFree Swing package from DoorForce focuses on automating swing doors and equipping them with handwave proximity sensors. Using the latest technology, DoorForce’s TouchFree Swing package can ensure increased levels of sterility due to a massive decrease in users making physical contact with the door.

TouchFree Package Specifications

Microwave Proximity Sensors

Using the latest technology in proximity detection, sensors are attached to the door frame or ceiling and are activated when a person approaches the door. The automatic door operator contains a computer to determine the outcome of activation of each sensor, increasing the versatility of the package.

For example, the door could let people exit but not let them in without authorisation from within; a feature that would be useful to maintain sterile zones within quarantine situations; or simply to allow customers to exit but not enter at the end of the opening hours.

HandWave Touchless Switch

With the HandWave Touchless Switch, opening a door is as easy as waving your hand in front of it. It functions just like a button, only with no physical contact necessary. This incredible technology forms the cornerstone of the TouchFree packaged, and it means that you, your customers, and your staff never have to worry about contracting illnesses or coming into contact with biological contaminants when using your automatic door.

RFID Card Sensors

Using RFID Card Sensors, you can enforce security and authorized zones without compromising the health and safety of staff and associates. Each authorized member will be issued with an RFID access card, and the skilled technicians at DoorForce will ensure the automatic door will only open for those cards. If you happen to need more in the future, no problem. Simply get in touch and we will be happy to help you.